Islamic Financial Inclusion a Bibliometric Analysis

  • Fauzul Hanief Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta, Surakarta, Indonesia
  • Malia Widya Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta, Surakarta, Indonesia
Keywords: Islamic, Islamic Finance, Inclusion, Bibliometric


Islamic finance is one of the supporting pillars towards the development of financial inclusion. The rapid development of the Islamic finance industry has attracted many researchers to conduct studies on this topic. This research attempts to synthesize the published literature and map the intellectual structure that has been formed and developed around the topic by focusing on publication trends, main areas of research, most contributing journals, most influential authors, and collaboration between countries. A bibliometric approach was taken to achieve the desired results using the Scopus database from which 186 documents were retrieved. The study found that there was a surge in publications since 2015. In addition, one major publisher was found to have the most contributing journals on the topic. We also found the three most influential authors on this topic. Lastly, Malaysia was found to be putting a lot of effort into contributing to the topic. This research provides a significant foundation for future researchers in conducting their studies based on these five results.