Approach in Early Childhood Education

  • Novi Cahya Dewi Institut Agama Islam Sultan Muhammad Syafiuddin Sambas
  • Hadisa Putri Institut Agama Islam Sultan Muhammad Syafiuddin Sambas
Keywords: Approach, Early Chilhhoo Education


This research was conducted to describe the three types of approaches in early childhood education in order to increase knowledge and make it easier to choose the type of approach to be used with children. This research fully uses the type of literature review research or literature study which is based on relevant theories, such as books, journals, articles, and other research that is still being reviewed. Therefore the author takes the journal as a reference so that it can be accounted for. The approaches that will be discussed are the Montessori approach, the high/scope approach, and the Beyond Centers and Circle Time (BCCT) approach. The Montessori approach emphasizes the importance of free and loving environmental conditions for the development of a child's innate potential. The high/scope approach is a type of approach that involves children actively interacting with their surroundings in order to increase their knowledge. Beyond Centers and Circle Time (BCCT) is an approach that places more emphasis on focusing and exploring the child's environment in increasing knowledge.


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