• Hasan Hasan Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Al Quran Amuntai, Indonesia
Keywords: publications, teacher, competence ofwriting


Nowadays a person's competence can be seen from how many writings he makes according to his competency. Likewise with the teaching profession, namely teachers. The teacher not only teaches students in class but is also required to be able to write their ideas through writing published in books and scientific journals both national and international accredited. One of the various activities in the framework of developing the teaching profession can be seen from how many of the number of teacher publications published in the form of books and mass media, moreover scientific journals, but in reality scientific publications from teachers are still considered minimal. Whereas, basically writing this kind of scientific writing is believed to be able to improve the professionalism of the teacher while improving the quality of the learning it conveys. More than that also scientific publications for teachers as a prerequisite for promotion and position so as to provide more motivation for them to make higher quality scientific work. This research method uses library research or library research. The conclusion in this study is that scientific publications for teachers besides being considered important because of the following, namely one of the conditions for promotion and position of the teacher, the existence of the competency of the teacher concerned and also developing and disseminating knowledge.